(Little) Big Lunch

100 streets in St Ives, 100 (Little) Big Lunches!
Sunday 6th June 2021.
Get involved and get connected to your neighbourhood!

What is happening?

CALMtown are very excited to be partnering with the Eden Project to bring the Big Lunch to St Ives!

The Big Lunch is an annual nationwide initiative run by the Eden Project, encouraging streets across the country to hold a get together (within government Covid-19 restrictions). This year it is happening on Sunday 6th June.

Why the (Little)? Well, we're all a bit tired after the year we've had, and we want to make sure no-one feels pressured to put on a big event. We've got lots of little ideas for you to get involved.


(Little) Big Lunch ideas

Picnic Tea
  • Picnic on a small area of grass for a few folks.

  • 6 people in a front garden with your thermos flasks.

  • Garden Bingo - why not have a game of bingo from your front gardens?

  • Mini-music festival - missing live music? You could organise your musical neighbours to gather and play.

  • "Gin by your bin" - how about wheeling your wheelie bin around your close, to remind you to keep your distance and act as a handy drinks table while you chat?

If you're getting involved, let us know! Email: stivescalmtown@gmail.com, or contact us via our Contact Us page.

How do I find out more?

If you want to organise a (Little) Big Lunch, go to the Eden Project Big Lunch website to register and download free resources. Their website is packed full of ideas big and small. Check out our "Meet the Street" page to find out how one St Ives street organised coffee mornings and a community BBQ. And let us know so we can put you in touch with anyone on your street who is hoping to do the same!

If Sunday 6th June doesn't work for you, it doesn't matter - just pick a different date. The important thing is to get involved!

And if that isn't enough excitement - the Eden Project will be working with CALMtown St Ives next year to run a Big Lunch on every street in the town to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! So make sure you get involved this year and be the first to hear about the 2022 plans!