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Meet the team.

The people behind CALMtown.

Tim Drye


Matt Finch

Phil Pope

Phil loves a Christmas roast dinner. He has recently listened to the ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack and if he was to have the day to himself, of course depends on the weather... He would either read a book in the sun or go to the theatre. The one thing Phil would have if he was on a desert island would be a magic lamp, and we certainly agree with this.

"Be nice to everyone because you never know what they've been through or are going through."

Laura Bridgens

"Embrace your you-ness in all that you think, say, do and be. You are enough."

Laura absolutely loves breakfast and her bed. If she had the day to herself, she would definitely have a duvet day. Her most recently listened to music is Bat for Lashes, good taste I would say! Laura loves Albert-Blue so much that if she was on a desert island, she would love nothing more than her dachshund with her.

Steve Lake

"Never say can't, give stuff a go — it's not as hard as you imagine."

Steve has a secret love for Take That (don’t worry, we judge him for it too)! He loves his pasta and would spend the day wood turning if he had the whole day to himself. If he was to suddenly find himself on a desert island; the one thing Steve would like with him is a magnifying glass.


Rachel Fabb

Rachel has a strong love for Mexican food. Her favourite music currently is Fireman Sam… Thanks to her 20-month-old. Actually, she has recently listened to Coldplay. A relaxing day at a spa with a good book is her perfect day, we’ll see you there Rachel. If she found herself on a desert island, the one thing she would bring with her is a hammock; excellent choice.

"Life is like a camera. Focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, take another shot."

Isla Brown

Isla’s favourite food is Thai, if she had the day to herself, she would spend the day in London and watch a West End show. If she found herself on a desert island the one thing, she would bring with her is a water purification kit… She’s a smart cookie.

"You'll make more friends in a day by being interested in other people than you will in a year by trying to make others be interested in you."

Amanda Mumford

Lemon meringue pie? What a good choice. Amanda loves to visit the coast and listening to Gomez. The one thing she can’t survive without is tea! So much so that if she was on a desert island the one thing she needs with her is redbush tea.

"Doing the little things can make a big difference."

Marc Sharp

Apart from listening to Smashing Pumpkins and enjoying his Mexican food, Marc also would love a day to himself of watching football then going to a concert (with his secret dad-dancing). He loves his family so much that if he found himself on a desert island, he would have his family with him.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Lisa Valla

"Try and not crystal ball stare."

Roast potatoes are Lisa’s obsession! She has a very musical family. A DJ and music producer for a brother and her son has just finished his music degree, so, music at home is very electric. If Lisa was ever on a desert island she would have a roast potato maker, apparently this is an obvious choice.


Nic Crosara

"Don't make rules for future you."

Nic absolutely loves sushi… Strange choice we know! They recently took a trip down memory lane and listened to most of Marina’s albums. If Nic was to have the day to themselves, they would spend their time reading lots and lots of book, or writing! Now that sounds like a very relaxing day.

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