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The Big Lunch 2023

Coronation weekend (6th-8th May) and throughout June as part of the Month of Community
Get involved and get connected to your neighbourhood!

What is happening?

CALMtown are very excited to be partnering with the Eden Project to bring the Big Lunch to St Ives!

The Big Lunch is an annual nationwide initiative run by the Eden Project, encouraging streets across the country to hold a get together. This year there are two opportunities: the Coronation weekend (6th-8th May) and in June (as part of the Month of Community).

The Big Lunch is about getting together with neighbours from your block, street or neighbourhood to celebrate community and connect to each other.


 Big Lunch ideas

Picnic Tea
  • Reach out to your neighbours and agree a date - then pick a spot (a garden or local park) and bring along something nice to eat or drink. Simple!

  • 6 people in a front garden with your thermos flasks.

  • Garden Bingo - why not have a game of bingo from your front gardens?

  • Mini-music festival - missing live music? You could organise your musical neighbours to gather and play.

  • Or go the whole hog and have a big street party!

  • Big or small, it doesn't matter, the important thing is to do something. Great things happen when you start to build that community feeling.

If you're getting involved, let us know! Email:, or contact us via our Contact Us page.

How do I find out more?

If you want to organise a Big Lunch, go to the Eden Project Big Lunch website to register and download free resources. Their website is packed full of ideas big and small. Check out our "Meet the Street" page to find out how one St Ives street organised coffee mornings and a community BBQ.

Follow CALMtown St Ives on Facebook for top tips on organising your Big Lunch. If you're taking part, let us know!

If May or June doesn't work for you, it doesn't matter - just pick a different date. The important thing is to get involved!

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