Mental Health First Aid Training

100 Mental Health First Aiders trained in St Ives by World Mental Health Day (10th October 2021)

What is happening?

Imagine a town where open, authentic mental health conversations are a part of everyday working life.


CALMtown have a big ambition - to see 100 Mental Health First Aiders trained in St Ives by World Mental Health Day (10th October 2021). We're calling on all local businesses and voluntary groups to get involved and help us meet our target.

What is Mental Health First Aid?

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We all have mental health, and just like our physical health, it needs looking after. Mental health first aiders are trained to recognise mental ill health and help people find the support they need; just as a physical first aider would provide basic help for a broken bone until the injured person could reach a medical professional.


The skills learned on a mental health first aid training course benefit the trained individual, and the people they live and work with. In customer-facing organisations like hairdressing and hospitality, this benefit extends to the wider community.

Mental ill health has an economic as well as a human cost: in 2015/16, stress was responsible for 37% of all cases of work-related ill health and 45% of all working days lost due to health issues in Great Britain. It is not yet a legal requirement to have a mental health first aider in your workplace, but everyone benefits when mental health is discussed and supported in the open.

To register interest, please email:, or contact us via our Contact Us page.

How do I get involved?

CALMtown are working with a number of Mental Health First Aid training providers to make it as easy as possible for local organisations to access this training.

For now, we're asking you to register your interest via email to, or via our Contact Us page. We will be in touch with you as soon as we have more details to share.

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